Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zephyr? No marketing speak — just lay it on me.

Zephyr is a cloud-hosted content management system. Zephyr is for building, hosting and managing websites. We're an alternative to other CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Craft, etc. We spent years building a platform that features the best of other platforms while leaving out the not-so-great stuff. We think you'll like it.

Zephyr is only licensed to agencies. The average business can't get a site built on Zephyr unless they work with you (our agency partner).

Why do you only license to agencies?

We feel that in order for most businesses to achieve marketing success, they are best served by working with an expert. We want organizations to have the best experience possible with their website and we believe that is achieved by working with you.

So why would I want to use Zephyr instead of another CMS?

We didn't necessarily build Zephyr to be the end-all-be-all CMS. We built it to serve the needs of agencies when it makes sense and to solve some of the pain felt in delivering websites.

One pain point we see is the headaches of dealing with the maintenance required of open source platforms. It can be a hassle to keep the software up to date, choose the right plugins, fix the site when you upgrade a plugin and it breaks, recover from hacks, install security modules and generally just keeping things working correctly. Zephyr is 100% managed so you don't have to worry about any of this stuff.

Another pain point can be the speed and efficiency of delivering websites. Clients want their website up and running yesterday. Our agency partners tell us that they can launch a Zephyr site in about half the time as compared to other platforms. Time is money (and customer satisfaction) and if you can speed up your process, you can deliver websites much more profitably.

Another reason to consider Zephyr is performance. Zephyr is fast — incredibly fast. And not just on the admin side. Google loves the speed of Zephyr sites and we've seen noticeable boosts in organic traffic after a site launches. Zephyr is great for SEO.

Overall, if you are in love with WordPress, you have no pain points and you are satisfied with how fast you deliver websites then you may not want to consider Zephyr. However, if you are open to an alternative and you would like to deliver websites faster and with less hassle, we'd love for you to give Zephyr a try.

I don't trust your "cloud" shenanigans. I like to walk into the next room and see all the pretty blinking lights on my servers.

We get it. Some people like the feeling of having their websites hosted in their office. But we've evolved beyond that. We use cloud software every day for CRM, invoicing, marketing tools and just about everything else. By hosting in the cloud, you have peace of mind that your websites are safe and secure.

So what happens if I (or my client) wants to leave? Am I locked into a proprietary system?

Nope. Not locked in. Everything in Zephyr is based on open standards. While the functionality is driven by the software (which you obviously can't take with you) everything else is the property of the website owner. We can provide a 100% complete static copy of any Zephyr website that you can migrate to another CMS of your choice or simply place on a server. Moving from one CMS to another takes some work and Zephyr is no exception. But it's certainly an option and we make it as easy as possible.

How do I know that Zephyr is going to be around in a year? I'm worried about investing in a platform that is new and unknown.

That's understandable. Let us reassure you. Zephyr is debt-free, cash flow positive and very efficient. We are financially strong and are on a slow organic path to growth. Compared to the usual silicon value startup, we're pretty boring. And we like it that way.

You can rely on Zephyr because we're a small, nimble team driven by passion and a desire for excellence. And we're just getting started. So while we're new and unknown, we predict you will find our model refreshing.

What's up with the name "Zephyr"? What does it mean?

Zephyr means a soft, gentle breeze. We chose this name because we feel that Zephyr is a refreshing departure from the clunkiness of other platforms. We designed Zephyr to be simple, fast and pleasant to use.

Ok, fine — but it's probably hard to learn, right? I'm way too busy to learn something new.

We get it! Running an agency is a lot of work and you've got a lot going on. We think this is why you will love Zephyr. First off, the development environment is very simple and easy to understand. Front-end developers love the extreme control they have over the output of websites.

Additionally, it's all based on open standards so it's very easy to learn in a short amount of time.

Ok, this all sounds great but I don't have developers. Can you just build sites for me?

Yes! We are not just a CMS, we are a "plug and play" dev shop for your agency. You can give us your Photoshop files and we will build the site for you.

Or, use one of our beautiful and flexible themes and launch gorgeous websites at lightning speed. All without developers.

Is Zephyr good for SEO? What about ADA compliance?

Zephyr is great for SEO. As far as we can tell, it is the fastest CMS on the planet. And Google loves fast websites. We regularly see sites that launch on Zephyr enjoying a noticeable uptick in organic search traffic due to the increase in performance. You also have complete control over all the content and tagging that you need to optimize for SEO. Finally, Zephyr is built with extremely clean code which makes it very search-friendly.

ADA compliance is also built into Zephyr. The standard output is compliant and as long as the website managers keep it well maintained, ADA compliance is well supported by Zephyr.

What about security? I lose days of productivity when a website gets hacked.

We are security fanatics. Zephyr is PCI compliant out of the box. We also include a free SSL certificate with an A+ rating with every site. Zephyr requires 2-step verification to log in. And the platform is locked down to the extreme. We take security very seriously and we don't want you to ever worry about your clients' websites.

Ok, fine. I'm convinced. But I'd like to play around with it first before I commit. Can I do that?

Yes! Your first license is free and we even give you a free theme for your first site. We encourage you to try out Zephyr at no cost and we will guide you every step of the way as you get up and running. We want you to be able to try Zephyr with no risk and no up-front cost.