Zephyr Themes

Screenshot of Trinity on a few different devices


The Trinity theme is extremely clean and flexible. It's a great theme for simple sites across various industries.

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Screenshot of Morpheus on a few different devices


The Morpheus theme has a lot of flexibility for various marketing content. It's also a good theme for larger sites because the off-canvas navigation can hold lots of items.

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Screenshot of Agent Smith on a few different devices

Agent Smith

Agent Smith is a striking, edgy theme that has a unique look and feel. It was designed with health care in mind but can be used for any industry.

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Screenshot of Cypher on a few different devices


Cypher has some unique CTA layouts and interesting features. It's great for a site with lots of great photos and visuals.

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Screenshot of Tank on a few different devices


The Tank theme is super clean and minimal. It's great for lightweight sites that want a minimalist vibe.

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Screenshot of Neo on a few different devices


Neo is a very basic theme that is great for conservative sites that don't need a lot of visual dazzle.

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